IRGLUS is a member-driven organization. It relies on its members to keep it active and engaging. We are consistently on the look-out for new members and partner organizations.

Benefits of membership:

Access to a network of academics, professionals, activists, and officials in the private, public, profit, and non-profit sectors of society, worldwide - all of whom are interested in the relationship between law, space, and the urban and spatial environment. 

Institutional support under the IRGLUS banner in the organization of workshops, events, and conferences which explore the relationship between law, rights, and the urban and spatial environment.

Subscription to IRGLUS news, a periodical online newsletter detailing developments in the field of urban law, including research, publications, news, workshops, events, and conferences.

Ability to disseminate amongst the IRGLUS network your own research and publications in the field of law, rights, and the urban and spatial environment.

Membership is free and is activated via the form to the right and upon subscription to our database.

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